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#1 Rule is to play with honor and sportsmanship! Our goal is to make the beginner to the expert feel comfortable on the field.


Three Strike Policy:

If a player is deemed to be unsafe for not following the rules they will receive one Get Out Of Jail Free Warning, after that they will be given a strike and sent home for the weekend. Second strike results in a 6 month ban and a third strike results in a permanent ban. Remember knowing the rules IS the player’s responsibility. If you’re not sure the rules are posted, & any RPG can be asked.


Zero Tolerance: We have a very strict Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to unsafe or illegal actions. Breaking a Zero Tolerance Rule once will result in the player being permanently banned from our field. It can also result in local law enforcement being called.

Zero Tolerance Rules are:

1. No illegal drugs of any kind.

2. No Alcohol consumption before or during games/events.

3. Theft.

4. No REAL Knives are allowed on the playing fields - excluding staff working that day.


Red Kill/Dead Rag: This is a mandatory required item. A Kill/Dead Rag is any cloth material RED in Color NO smaller than 6-inches by 6-inches in size. Kill/Dead Rags symbolize that a player is not in play and is to be treated as if they are not alive. Once a player is out of play (hit, observing, etc.) they are to immediately secure a Kill/Dead Rag on their person, their gun or hold it up which symbolizes that they are not a target/objective. We have basic Kill/Dead Dead Rags available for purchase for $1.00.


Staging Area: The Staging Area is a safe zone. While in the Staging Area players may remove their goggles, rest, perform any needed repairs or address any other issues at hand, etc. Barrel covers are REQUIRED in the Staging Area, bring your own or rent one for $1.00 for the day (with a $3 deposit).  At NO time is firing your airsoft weapon in, at, or out of the Staging Area acceptable. This includes test firing or dry firing your weapon. If you need to do so, you are to go to the chrono station.  

1. The fields & the chrono station are the only places an airsoft weapon can have a magazine in.

2. All airsoft weapons must have the magazines removed & cleared of any remainder bb’s before entering the staging area from the parking lot, the field or the Chrono Station.

3. If a pistol is not holstered then the magazine will need to be removed & cleared of any bb’s before entering the Staging Area.

4. All weapons need to have their selector switch in safe mode.

5. If a player shoots in the Staging Area they will receive an immediate strike.


Minimum Engagement Distance & Bang Bang Rule:

*Pistol is 5 feet                     *AEG is 15 feet (length of an average car)           *Sniper is 50 feet

**Remember we’re not here to hurt each other, just kill each other.**

1. The minimum engagement for Pistols is 5 feet, which means from body to body, as an example your weapon will almost touch the other player. You are to only shoot outside of that 5 foot area, if you are within the 5 feet then you are to YELL out BANG BANG! This only applies when you have the other player dead to rights in your weapon sights.

2. It does NOT count yelling Bang Bang from 20-25 feet away, unless you are playing with a sniper. This is a safety measure and not to be used as a defensive or offensive tactic. Do not abuse the Bang Bang rule, doing so is an immediate strike.

3. If you manage to sneak up on a player or a group of players, have a clear shot and at a distance of 5 feet or less, point your weapon at the opposing player and YELL out BANG-BANG for EACH player you are attempting to kill. If two players yell "Bang Bang" at the same time, both players are out.


Round Per Second Limits:

1. 25 RPS is the Maximum on ALL weapons, which is for Safety Reasons.

2. NO Full Auto is to be used in Tartarus, the speedsoft field.


FPS Limits:

1. Tartarus, the speedsoft field, 350fps limit & Nemesis, the long gun field, 400fps limit

2. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles ONLY: 500fps

3. NO non-Bio BB’s are allowed on either field - if you're not sure we can test your BB's

4. NO 8mm Airsoft will be allowed

5. If your gun exceeds the FPS Limit allowed you will not be able to use it, NO EXECPTIONS!


Eye Protection: Goggles must meet the following standards or you will not be able to use them:

 1. Full-Seal goggles ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. No shooting glasses, shop glasses, etc.

2. A Full Seal consists of a rubber or foam seal that conforms to the features of the player‘s face.

3. Adults (18 and over): Full-face protection is recommended but not required.

4. Minors (17 and under): Full-face protection is required.

5. Full Face Protection is defined as a rigid metal mesh or plastic mask which covers cheeks, chin, nose and mouth.

6. RPG’s reserves the right to inspect eye/face protection at will & ask for photo ID as proof of age.

Weapon/General Safety:

1. DO NOT point an airsoft gun at anything you don‘t intend to shoot.

2. DO NOT discharge an airsoft gun in any location other than designated areas.

          a. Shooting Areas are: On-Field and Chrono Station.

          b. Shooting in the NON-Designated areas is an immediate strike.

3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger & trigger guard until you are on the field and ready to shoot.

4. Point all airsoft guns at the ground when not in play.

5. Upon entering the field no magazine will be loaded into the airsoft gun until players have cleared The Box.

6. Do not move barriers around the field to create cover and do not climb on any barriers or the straw bales in Straw Hill.

7. Before leaving the playing field - magazines MUST be removed, weapons cleared (shooting any remaining BBs out of the gun) and placed on safe and barrel covers must be on.

8. Blind Man is called and echoed throughout the field if a player is injured. This puts the game on pause until an RPG can take care of or remove the injured player from the field. Do not move during game pause, remain still and wait for an RPG to call the game back on.

9. Players are NOT allowed to stage out of their vehicles. We have a wagon available for transporting your guns and gear into the Staging area. If you stage at your vehicle in the parking lot you will receive a Strike.


Smoke Grenades: Only EG Smoke Grenades are allowed (unless there are fire restrictions). Please check with an RPG before the start of a game if you want to use a smoke grenade so they can note your player number.

1. These must be thrown underhand and CANNOT be thrown on the straw or in any brush of any kind.

2. They CANNOT be picked up after they have started burning to be placed in a new spot.

3. When using a smoke grenade please pick up the trash. Leaving your trash on the field will result in a strike.


Ballistic Shields:

Any style of ballistic shield is not allowed in Tartarus. They are allowed on Nemesis, though on a field this size they can be more of a liability than an asset. Home-made shields will not be allowed.


Hand Grenades:

1. ONLY impact spring grenades with Bio BB’s in them will be allowed.

2. Grenades must be thrown underhand.

3. All grenades have a 5 foot wrap around kill radius when it lands or goes off at the corner of a barrier and a 10 foot kill radius in the open.

4. If you fumble a grenade and it hits the ground you are dead. Also if you throw it and it hits an object near you within that radius you are dead.

5. The player who threw the grenade is responsible for retrieving it from the field.

Melee Weapons:

1. Must be an actual weapon replica or a Bonker sold in The Pro Shop.

2. Must be soft rubber or foam only.

3. All homemade, non-foam or rubber melee weapons must have approval of field owners prior to use in a game.

4. No throwing, jabbing, stabbing or swiping, soft contact ONLY.


Hits – Please observe the follow rules of conduct:

✓ Hits are defined as any BB strike on your person or gear. Gun hits count also.

✓ Friendly Fire counts! Check your targets!

✓ If two players fire simultaneously and both are hit, BOTH players are out, NOT the player who says hit first.

✓ A Melee kill is a gentle tap on the shoulder. NO jabs, stabs, swipes or throwing.

✓ Ricochets do not count as a hit.

✓ When hit, immediately yell out HIT as loud as you can and place your Kill/Dead Rag in a visible area. This will help prevent you from being hit a second time, if your Kill/Dead Rag isn't out you will be shot.

✓ DO NOT call players out on the opposite team. If a player is not calling their hits notify an RPG.

✓ If you see a player get hit on your team, but he/she doesn‘t feel it, let him/her know.

✓ Dead men do not talk, give away positions or chat about the weather. Pull your Kill/Dead Rag and observe the re-spawn rules for the game mode.

Hosing – Unnecessarily long sustained bursts of more than 15 rounds at a time is NOT allowed. Short controlled bursts should be used to allow opponents to call themselves out.

✓ Blind Fire – Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at. The most common form of this is sticking your gun over or around cover and firing without looking at where you are shooting. Blind fire is not allowed.

Only fire through head-size holes in barriers.

Updated 12/14/2023

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