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Largest airsoft field in Arizona!

2125 Old Home Manor Dr

Chino Valley Az


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SATURDAY Feb 24th:

11:00am - Package Delivery

12:15pm - Medic

1:30pm - Capture Center Flag

**Pro Shop & Arena closes at 2:30pm for a Private Event**

SUNDAY Feb 25th:

11:00am - Capture Team Flag

12:15pm - VIP Extraction

1:30pm - Mine Sweeper

2:45pm - Two Team Traitor

4:00pm - Player's Choice

Argonauts Arena Lightning Policy:


The Arena phone has a lightning tracking app and

we watch it closely during our summer monsoons. 

If there is a single strike within 7 miles we stop

all games and require all players and staff to seek cover.  

We will remain open & play will resume 30 minutes

after the last strike, as long as the storm is

moving away from the Arena.


*Arrive before Noon - if our field is empty of
players we will close early.

*Arrive 20-30 minutes BEFORE the game mode you want to play.  Vetting, Chrono and purchasing your Dog Tags or Day Pass takes time.

*Bring a chair & a table - it's dusty in Chino and it
sucks to put your gear & guns in the dirt.

*Do Not wear RED colored clothing or shoes - that is the color of the Dead Rags, people will think you are dead and not engage you.

*A canopy is a good idea - there is no shade! 
But bring something to weigh down your tent legs,
Chino wind isn't shy!

*The Police Training facility is one parcel
East of our arena - DO NOT speed on Perkinsville Road
on your way in or out, you will get a ticket!


Field Map:

Main Map 2023.png
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