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The Airsoft Store in Prescott Valley, AZ has been the driving force behind the local airsoft community for over a decade.

Adam 3.jpg

Adam (AKA Raptor) started selling airsoft guns and gear in late 2009 as Airsoft Ballistics.  He also regularly hosted games the last Sunday of every month, so all his customers had a place to play with their new toys.  Local players will recall capturing an alien, rescuing the son of the president, hunting Santa and many other game scenarios Raptor created.  His dedication to the community and the sport has been unparalleled.

During the past decade Raptor & Airsoft Ballistics donated to numerous community raffles; the local FFA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the American Legion, to name a few.  His contributions to local groups that support young people has been unwavering, as has his devotion to all the younger players just getting into airsoft.

Three Brothers.jpg

In 2016 Raptor started a team called Airsoft Ballistics, a diverse group of like-minded players, fathers & sons, husbands & wives, from 13 years old to 50 years old.  The team grew and small factions traveled to large, out-of-state events.  

Team AB.jpeg

In the fall of 2020 Raptor retired.  He passed his store, Airsoft Ballistics, on to his nephew, Crusader, and his sister, Huntress.  Because his team Airsoft Ballistics was still active, Crusader and Huntress changed the name of the business to Ichor Airsoft.

H and C.jpg

Crusader and Huntress were honored to continue supporting the local airsoft community.  On our web site and at our retail location, we offered all the battle tested guns and gear players depended on.  As well as continuing to foster the young players through family friendly events and donating to groups raffling items throughout the quad cities.

In the spring of 2021 Ichor partnered with The Town of Chino Valley to open the largest airsoft field in Arizona.

A full 40 acre parcel split into two fields and completely dedicated to the sport of airsoft.


We broke ground at the beginning of Sept 2021 & with the help of several volunteers the field was completed in time for our Oct 30th Grand Opening.

In April of 2023 Crusader stepped away from Ichor Airsoft to pursue other adventures in his life.

Ichor wishes him the very best for his future!

Once demand grew for games at the Arena, Huntress closed the Prescott Valley location and moved everything to the Arena in Chino Valley.

Grand Opening for the new Pro Shop was a huge success in July of 2023.


We passionately believe our mission statement for Argonauts Arena:

To provide the largest, most inclusive and inspiring airsoft field in Arizona.

Our Arena is dedicated to fostering the next generation of airsofters!

All our customers can be assured we will continue to only sell long guns and pistols we ourselves would play with, items we can repair or upgrade.  

If it’s not worthy, we won’t stock it.


Ichor Airsoft is your go-to place for top of the line airsoft guns/gear and the largest airsoft field in the state!

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