Birthday parties, corporate events or team 
challenges - we are here to help! 


All parties are welcome at our Arena!!
We have several rental kits available for $35
with everything you need to play safely all day.

Party Packages Include: 
*A single One Hour game slot to run your own,
or one of our, game scenario with Ref's!
*Three Tartarus/Plinker Runs for $10 per player

(Plinkers provided & you can keep them!)

If the general public can join you there
is no charge for the big field, just Dog Tags!
Nemesis Dog Tags are $5 per player/per game
Tartarus Dog Tags are $1 per player/three runs

If you would prefer private use of Nemesis Field
an hour game slot is an additional $75

Contact Ichor Airsoft @ 928-772-5569
or 928-830-0649
regarding date & time 

Here is an example of a Private Game: